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SPACE Physio at World University Championships



On the 13th of September the British University and College Sports  Badminton Mixed Doubles team of Jess Hopton and Matthew Clare Travelex to Ramenskoe, Russia for the World University Championship. They were supported by the University of Nottingham’s Martyn Lewis as coach and SPACE physio Kenny Watt. The competition brought together 15 nations from all round the globe and included players ranked within the worlds top 20.20160918_181007

The first few days of the trip saw the some intensive training sessions including practice matches against French and Japanese pairs and conditioning sessions carried out in the gym. The first competitive match saw the GBR squad drawn against the German mixed doubles team and GBR came out on top 21-16 17-21 21-16. The result took GBR into the last 16 where they were to face a very strong Japanese pair and unfortunately lost a very good match 21-16 21-17. While the result was disappointing the teams performance through the competition and training had been superb.

The medical management of the team through the trip included monitoring of their training load, putting in place recovery strategies and monitoring their fluid intake/output and sleep patterns. The physio’s in SPACE would be happy to advise all our patients on similar strategies to help improve performance.

This has certainly been the best preparation we’ve ever had for a tournament. Big thanks Kenny for fixing my wrist – playing pain free is such a big novelty

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