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Welcome to our world! Space (Sports Physiotherapy Advanced Centre of Excellence) is a multi-disciplinary clinic delivering you the best skills and experience in:
       • Physiotherapy   • Orthopaedic consult 
       • Podiatry             • Massage therapy
Through our years’ of experience working at the highest level of professional and International  sport, including Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games and World University Games  we are able to offer the best in care and treatment of everyday injuries and pain through comprehensive education and rehabilitation.


For those visiting our site looking for advice please check out our SPACE SAYS section for information on a number of common ailments as well as advice on all facets of exercise performance and recovery.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists, Massage Therapist and Orthopaedic Surgeon are at the forefront of new thinking, leading on, learning, and applying the latest research and techniques. We have skills and experience in:
     • Acute Sports injuries   • Post-Operative Rehabilitation • Exercise Prescription
     • Lower Limb Injures     • Upper Limb Injuries                  • Spinal Conditions
     • Manipulation               • Motor control                            • Manual therapy
     • Kinesio taping             • Deep Dry Needling                    • Acupuncture
     •Pain Education             • Soft Tissue Massage

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If you have been injured recently or in the past, whether it be through sport, an accident, the rigours of daily life or maybe you have recently undergone surgery,  we offer you a private 45-minute long initial assessment. The focus of your consultation will be on discussing your current situation, listening to your needs, establishing what is it you hope to achieve through physiotherapy, and your personal short, and long term goals. Using the information you have provided the clinician will carry out an appropriate assessment and create a tailor-made treatment plan based on your agreed needs and goals. Space Clinics is not just for sports injuries – anyone can benefit from our expertise.
Through our expertise and experience with sporting injuries at elite and international level, we offer the best in care and treatment of everyday injuries, pain, and rehabilitation.

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