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A very personal success for SPACE patient Nicky


SPACE patient Nicky Mowat recently completed the Dublin Marathon (her first and last) in a very respectable 4 hours and 44 minutes but her reasons for pushing herself over that line were very personal to her and the staff at SPACE and we were over the moon to help get her over the line. Here is her story in her own words…


My biology teacher asked our class in 1988 has anyone heard of cancer? to which we all said no, he said in our life time we would know someone with this disease, how right he was.  If only I knew ‘someone’ as opposed to the large number of people I know who are fighting cancer, recovering from, living with cancer or have not survived this disease. In an effort to do something positive, I decided to run the Dublin marathon in aid of Maggies who help people diagnosed with cancer and their families face the daily challenges of life after diagnosis and beyond. I am not a runner, built more like a tank than Paula Radcliffe!! but I promised myself I would train properly to avoid injury. So I embarked on a 7 month training programme building up slowly to 18 miles, and I never had to visit Kenny at SPACE until week 28 of my 31 week programme when my knee felt like it gave up.  Kenny promised he would help get me to the start line as I was doing this run for Martin who had been taken by this horrible disease early 2017.  It was Martin who had pointed me to SPACE clinic 10 years ago. He was always full of energy, believing we all have the same number of hours in the day, it was what you chose to do with them that mattered. He didn’t care what you chose to do, just as long as you made a choice. Martin squeezed every last inch out of every day, even before his diagnosis, and inspired those around him to do the same.  I have squeezed the extra hour (or 3!!) out of my days to fit in training but then had to listen to Kenny as he instructed no more running at the end of September to allow time for my knee to settle!! Cycling, swimming, strengthening  and doing as I was told was the order of the day! The mind started playing games, but 3 days before the race, not having run outside of the pool for 4.5 weeks, I saw Fiona (SPACE physio) who gave me the mental strategy to deal with the race. On 29th Oct I stood on the start line in Dublin, with Fiona’s words ringing in my ears about acknowledging the pain and moving on, and 4hrs 44 gruelling minutes later I crossed the finish line. There were moments of tears around the course thinking of why I was running, but with visions of Martin shouting and me to dig deep, I pushed on.  A big thank you to Kenny and Fiona for fixing me physically and mentally to get me through my ONE and ONLY marathon!!

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