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We couldn’t be prouder of these three boys……we were grateful to be able to help and play our small part.


With a Masters Degree in Sports & Exercise Medicine and experience of working with athletes (as well as being one herself) our #physio Sima Padbod was the natural choice for providing input into the boy’s efforts.  Over a number of sessions involving thorough assessment, hands-on mobilisations and extensive exercise therapy in the gym Sima pushed the boys and helped them physically prepare.

If you are considering taking on a huge endurance feat such as the BROAR boys did then dont look any further than our #ExpertsInSport #ExpertsInSPACE physiotherapists. Performance packages are available so please drop us an email to discuss


Below is the post taken from their Facebook to just give you an idea of what they have achieved….as well as links to their charities…


After 35 days, nine hours and nine minutes at sea, the boys arrived in Antigua last night. In doing so, they became the first three brothers to row any ocean, the youngest trio to ever row the Atlantic Ocean and the fastest trio to ever row the Atlantic Ocean. 🏆🏆🏆

From the moment they hit land, they’ve barely had a chance to take it all in. From boat inspections to BBC interviews, the hard work hasn’t stopped.

So since they haven’t had the chance, let’s all take a moment to reflect on what they’ve achieved on their behalf. With barely any rowing experience, two students and an engineer with a dream rowed their way into the record books. In doing so, they raised a huge amount of money for Feedback Madagascar and Children 1st.


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