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Tour Fit Golf was developed by the European Tour Performance Institute. Tour Fit for Golf was started to help recreational golfers of all standards; from beginner to scratch, from young to veteran; optimise their health and therefore their golf performance

The European Tour Institute Physio Unit has a YouTube channel with some superb videos which include warmup drills and strength and conditioning.

European Tour Performance Institute You Tube Channel

A fantastic piece written about the impact of strength and conditioning on golf performance.

  • few golf coaches or analysts would contest the importance of club head speed (CHS) in modern day golf, research has shown that the faster you swing the club the lower your
  • As with most striking, hitting or throwing sports, the lower body is the engine (force generation) for the motion of the golf swing.
  • This is now supported by research indicating significant relationships between lower body strength, explosive strength and Club Head Speed
  • Most amateurs (and many professionals) will benefit from increases in driving distance secondary to strength training due to their often ‘untapped’ strength potential. This is particularly true for females and more senior players who generally speaking are more likely to have lower pre-existing muscle mass and strength levels than their younger, male counterparts
  • The trunk should therefore be developed to effectively transmit force, thus enhancing the efficiency of the engine (lower body). The latter is equally important, as otherwise the energy created by the lower body is leaked and not transferred into the clubhead




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