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We have SPACE for all, not just the sporty or gym goers!


Many people believe physiotherapy is only for those who exercise regularly, who are sporty or who have had a specific injury from an activity or movement. This is not the case as many aches and pains just build up over a period of time – you might not remember a particular event which started your symptoms. You do not need to have had a clear cause or strain, trip or slip for problems like pain to develop, but physiotherapy is well placed to help.


Issues that we can help with may include the following:
     • Osteoarthritis      • Chronic Health Conditions
     • Headaches          • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
     • Persistent Pain    • Work-related Pain

At your first assessment, the physiotherapist will talk with you to find out what you feel is causing your symptoms (eg pain, tightness, weakness, tingling etc) and to assess what aspects of your day-to-day life and activities influence them. They will establish what you feel you can and cannot do because of the problem, and what limits you in doing the things you want to do.

Your assessment will look to establish the history of your condition and what treatments may be beneficial. Advice, education and treatment focused on giving you control over your symptoms will be offered by the therapist. They may use a variety of different manual therapy based techniques and spend time with you in our gym to establish an exercise programme that is suitable to you. Throughout your session we will look to answer any questions or queries you may have and provide you with the appropriate guidance. We recognise that people lead busy lives so between you and your physiotherapist you can discuss and establish what exercises or lifestyle changes you may be able to implement at home or work. Through education, treatment, and exercise we hope to help you take control over your symptoms.

For some attending physiotherapy for the first time can be intimidating and you may have pre-conceived ideas of what the therapist may do or ask. For those who are a little unsure or for those that feel they want to prepare for their first session please take a read of this fantastic and insightful blog piece writen from a patients perspective which can help as a guide to get the most out of physiotherapy.


All treatment is individually tailored, to help you return to your normal lifestyle and the things that are important to you

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