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Pain Education is a cornerstone of our practice at SPACE Clinics. There is a big difference between ‘acute pain’ and ‘persistent pain’ even though they might feel the same. Acute pain is short-term and tends to be more associated with damage or possible damage to your body. For example if you sprain your ankle it is likely you will feel pain associated with the bruising and swelling. This is acute pain. Usually it will settle as your body heals because the affected part no longer needs protecting. Healing usually takes less than three months, even for quite severe injuries.


Persistent pain lasts longer than acute pain and often does not indicate ongoing damage, even though it may feel like it. In the past we assumed that this was because we had not healed properly after an injury but for most people we now know this is unlikely. Instead, the pain is less to do with injury in our bodies and more to do with our nervous system. Persistent pain can take over a persons life.

A number of superb free resources are available online as well as from the Physiotherapists at SPACE:

  • This free online course will teach you a science based approach to reducing symptoms and getting back to the life you want to live.

  • This superb video is entitled Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes! It will be a very useful way to spend 5 minutes!! This will serve as a great introduction to pain science

  • A video presentation from one of the great physiotherapy thinkers in pain. Not only educational but very funny!! This will provide you with some great analogies and some of the studies looking at Pain Science

  • Another superb video looking at Acute and Chronic pain, this time directed towards children and teenagers.

  • Another superb free workbook this time produced by a superb physiotherapist called Greg Lehman who is based in Toronto Canada. This one is called Recovery Strategies – your pain workbook.  This is a free download and if you find it useful there is an opportunity to donate to Greg’s work.

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