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Patient Information Slides from the SPACE Wall


Physical rehabilitation of injury and pain are really only a small part of good physiotherapy practice. Informing people about how their body and mind works including provision of the latest scientifically proven evidence has shown to provide better results for patients in terms of prevention of injury/pain recurrence and greater satisfaction in the treatment process.

As part of this process, we at SPACE thought it would be helpful, informative and interesting to provide our patients with access to such information and so we came up with our patient information board, situated in the waiting area.

Every few weeks different posters will appear on the board, illustrating different themes and topics such as nutrition and hydration, stress, coping with exercise in the heat and the needs of the young athlete to name a few. Below the board we have provided booklets for waiting patients to glance through with various ‘infographics’ to help provide up-to-date ad evidence based information for everyone. These are light-hearted, easy to digest and relatively jargon free so please take some time to check out the board and booklets! If you have any questions, your physiotherapist will be more than pleased to help.

A large number of the posters come courtesy of the superb researcher Yann Le Meur. The link to his Facebook account where a large amount of the posters can be found is here and the link to his twitter account is here


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