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All of the patients who attend SPACE have one thing in common – they all have a story to tell.  All will have had a reason to search us out, all will want someone to listen to their story and to feel they are being listened to. Sometimes though they will want to know that someone else has shared their experience and this is where patient stories play a part.
By allowing our patients the chance to reflect on their own experience they may not only complete their own journey with us but may help others on the first step, reassuring them that they have sought out the right people to share their story with.
Feel free to scroll through the stories and maybe search out one that sounds like you; that is perhaps focussed around the same body area or maybe expresses the same worries you have.
If you are unsure what physiotherapy may be like or what you can do to take an active part in your care, there is a lovely blog piece that can be found here which gives a fantastic insight into making the most of physiotherapy from a patient’s point of view. If, having been a patient at SPACE, you feel you would like to contribute with your own story then let us know. We would love to hear from you.


Alternatively, please feel free to leave a review of your experience at SPACE on Google by following the following link, or alternatively read other reviews that have been left for us: Google Space Clinics Reviews

Huge congratulations go out to Space patient Steve who completed the recent London Marathon in PB time. For all those taking to running later in life or for those who face injury setbacks along the way then Steve’s story is a good one…

“I started running six years ago at the age of 52, having done absolutely no physical exercise since leaving school.

I built to my first London Marathon in 2014. I started developing hip problems soon after this, and embarked on a programme of largely unsuccessful treatments with different practitioners. I persisted with marathon running but the experiences were not particularly enjoyable.

Last year I  developed a hamstring problem just three weeks before the New York marathon. I discovered SPACE, and had treatments with both Fiona and Ross. Between them they treated and assured me that I would be able to run if I lowered my expectations a little, and followed a programme of stretching and strengthening. I was delighted to successfully complete New York in November.

With London in my sights for April this year I still had my long term hip problems, and embarked on a series of hip and lower limb strengthening exercises with Kenny. Building up slowly, I soon felt the benefits of the strengthening in my running.I soon realised that this strengthening was an important element that I had neglected to date. Unfortunately, three weeks before the marathon I injured my ankle. Despondent, I had a consultation with Kenny who, after checking and testing my ankle, gave me the reassurance that with strapping and careful recovery, I would be able to attempt the marathon, and I would have enough strength and miles in my legs to run it successfully. With this belief and strong focus I completed the London Marathon with a PB and was delighted!

I cannot recommend SPACE highly enough. They understood my sport and listened to my concerns, giving me the confidence to perform at my best. Thank you SPACE!”

Louise had had several years of knee pain and here we see her (not quite literally) on top of the world (well, The Alps!) She initially had pain on day-to-day activity but worked hard to gradually regain her knee capacity for walking and then climbing. We are so pleased she’s doing so well!

“Hi Fiona,

I hope you are well, and I am sure you are helping many patient get back on their feet – literally. Thank you for the work you have done with me in 2015-2016 on my knees. My life has been pain free since and I am very thankful for your holistic approach to my problem. I am still going strong and enjoying life thanks to our work together 🙂 here is a picture of me in the alps, where I originally injured my knees a few years ago.”


Karen had a foot injury two weeks before starting her Camino Frances walk in Spain. She had exercises, some assistive taping and advice for managing the foot whilst on her trip. Here we see her on her way to successfully completing her 100 mile walk. Great work Karen!

“Hi Fiona,

Many thanks for your assessment and treatment for my spring ligament foot injury. Your exercises and management were put to good use during my 100 mile Camino Frances walk. My friends even found them helpful too! Went over on my foot again on day 2 but the emergency treatment advice you gave worked wonders! “

SPACE patient Nicky Mowat recently completed the Dublin Marathon (her first and last) in a very respectable 4 hours and 44 minutes but her reasons for pushing herself over that line were very personal to her and the staff at SPACE and we were over the moon to help get her over the line. Here is her story in her own words…

“My biology teacher asked our class in 1988 has anyone heard of cancer? to which we all said no, he said in our life time we would know someone with this disease, how right he was.  If only I knew ‘someone’ as opposed to the large number of people I know who are fighting cancer, recovering from, living with cancer or have not survived this disease. In an effort to do something positive, I decided to run the Dublin marathon in aid of Maggieswho help people diagnosed with cancer and their families face the daily challenges of life after diagnosis and beyond. I am not a runner, built more like a tank than Paula Radcliffe!! but I promised myself I would train properly to avoid injury. So I embarked on a 7 month training programme building up slowly to 18 miles, and I never had to visit Kenny at SPACE until week 28 of my 31 week programme when my knee felt like it gave up.  Kenny promised he would help get me to the start line as I was doing this run for Martin who had been taken by this horrible disease early 2017.  It was Martin who had pointed me to SPACE clinic 10 years ago. He was always full of energy, believing we all have the same number of hours in the day, it was what you chose to do with them that mattered. He didn’t care what you chose to do, just as long as you made a choice. Martin squeezed every last inch out of every day, even before his diagnosis, and inspired those around him to do the same.  I have squeezed the extra hour (or 3!!) out of my days to fit in training but then had to listen to Kenny as he instructed no more running at the end of September to allow time for my knee to settle!! Cycling, swimming, strengthening  and doing as I was told was the order of the day! The mind started playing games, but 3 days before the race, not having run outside of the pool for 4.5 weeks, I saw Fiona (SPACE physio) who gave me the mental strategy to deal with the race. On 29th Oct I stood on the start line in Dublin, with Fiona’s words ringing in my ears about acknowledging the pain and moving on, and 4hrs 44 gruelling minutes later I crossed the finish line. There were moments of tears around the course thinking of why I was running, but with visions of Martin shouting and me to dig deep, I pushed on.  A big thank you to Kenny and Fiona for fixing me physically and mentally to get me through my ONE and ONLY marathon!!”

Space patient Susan MacCormick successfully completed this year’s New York Marathon. Susan had done an incredible job during the year with cleverly planning her training to peak at the right time, but as with all well laid plans it had a temporary glitch with a small bout of calf pain. With some reassurance, advice and a few simple exercises we were able to get her back running with almost no time off. As Susan says in her own words:

” A few weeks into training for and a few weeks before running the New York Marathon 2016 I experienced varying degrees of pain and discomfort in my calfs. I immediately booked time at Space where I was assessed, diagnosed and came away with simple exercises which I did religiously. They worked!”

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