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“Head to toe service has been excellent and has assisted me in returning to full fitness and therefore mental wellbeing.”


“Excellent! I felt like positive progress was made in every session. I was kept really well informed about what the problems were and how to begin managing them. Thanks!”


“Following an operation to repair a damaged tendon in my ankle, I was able to go from being in a boot and on crutches for 7 weeks, to competing in (and completing!) the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in less than a year. I believe that the key to my recovery was that my treatment involved not only rehabbing my ankle back to full strength but also identifying and addressing weaknesses throughout my body which led to the injury in the first place.”


“The whole process at SPACE from Stephen’s initial physio assessment of my knee, consultation with the surgeon then surgery and comprehensive rehab got me back to where I wanted – and needed – to be as a busy mum able to exercise. I travel from Fife to attend and would do again.”


“I don’t often take the time to write to a company in praise of their services but I felt I really had to this time! I booked a one off massage with Gillian 17/10/13 and it was easily the best massage I’ve ever had! I used to have the occasional massage, years ago, and would invariably end up frustrated that I had specifically asked for a very hard massage but ended up with something more akin to a light tickle – I would also end up very annoyed that I had spent good money and not received the service I had been promised. Gillian was such a nice person, easy to chat to and delivered exactly what I asked – my back hasn’t felt this good in years!”


“Very impressed with the approach, thoroughness, speed and professionalism. You’ve also made me better, when I didn’t think there was much chance, although I might sneak back for one more session, just cos you’re so nice!… Thanks guys, you rock!”


“Needles work great! Excellent treatment, would recommend to anyone.”


“Kenny has done a fantastic job in my aid to recovery. When I first came I had already been going to Shawfair on the DBS programme which I felt was not helping. SPACE was recommended to me by a friend and from the initial consultation I felt I was being given a much better level of service. It’s fair to say I had my ups and downs but overall the physio advice on exercising at home and sitting at work has made a huge difference to my symptoms. Advice give will help me in the long term and future sporting challenges (!). 100% recommend SPACE.”


“I have been coming to SPACE Clinics for almost three years. Gillian has kept my pain, in my lower back, from inflaming in to the pain I used to have. I have no hesitation in recommending SPACE Clinics to anyone. Thank you SPACE for keeping my pain to a minimum.”


“Having suffered years of chronic back pain and consequent loss of mobility, medical professionals had led me to believe that major surgery was the only answer. Without surgery and, in no time at all, the team at SPACE Clinics had me not only fit for work again but fit for life as well! I cannot thank them enough.”


“I was recommended SPACE Clinics by my GP following a prolapsed disc in my back and subsequent drop foot due to the prolapsed resting on the nerve that operates my right foot. I have been receiving weekly treatment from Ross since August 2013, although this is now down to once every few weeks. Ross has been instrumental in getting my back to nearly full health again and my foot working again, so much so that the prolapsed has almost completely receded, although he tells me there is still months of strength work ahead for my foot!
Ross has pushed me and kept me positive when required which has been quite frequently! He also explained my treatment plan in a way that made sense to me. I had never been to a physio before, however, this has been a very positive experience and I will continue to use SPACE and specifically Ross in the future.”


“Excellent service”


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