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We are incredibly excited to announce that we are bringing a Pilates class to SPACE.

Highly experienced pilates instructor Emily McDonald ( will be taking a Saturday morning class at the SPACE HQ on Dalry Road starting on the 18th of January 2020.

These small exclusive classes will begin with Fundamentals of Pilates.

The class will run from 8.30 AM till 9.30 AM and costs £10 per session or £60 for a 6-week block.

We are also able to offer 1:1 sessions or 2:1 sessions immediately after the morning class for those looking for some more focused work. Contact Emily directly for more information.

Emily is highly trained and well known to the clinic and our staff so we are incredibly excited that she is bringing her fantastic skills to add to our range of services.

We are regularly asked by patients to recommend an exercise class or to give our opinion on taking up Pilates. We always encourage all our patients, regardless of age or ability to take part in more physical activity. Whether you are undergoing a period of treatment and rehabilitation with us, have successfully finished a course of treatment and are looking to maintain your new fitness level, or are new to the clinic altogether are but looking for a class endorsed by physiotherapists then Saturdays in SPACE will be for you.

For more information about Emily please follow the link to her website or drop her an email for booking referencing the SPACE class.

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