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Running Drills

Here at SPACE we like to stress the importance to all our patients who are keen runners, or those who are keen to take up running, of a small strength and conditioning programme to go alongside their miles on the road or treadmill. Below are links to a number of videos and articles which we feel will have benefit to runner’s of all levels. An assessment at SPACE allows us to prescribe appropriate exercises tailored to the individual runner and a number of the exercises you see in the videos may pop up in your programme. The importance of maintaining some of these exercises will be stressed to you and these videos may provide reminders or ideas on how to progress your exercises. If you have any doubts or questions then arrange to see one of our physiotherapists. Please note not all these exercises will be appropriate for everyone.


Step Up Progressions



Toe Tap and Crab Walk Progressions – Frontal/Lateral Line


Side-Step to Hop – Frontal/Lateral Line

Bridge Progression – Posterior Chain/Back Line

Hopping/Jumping Drills

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