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Let us start by saying WELL DONE on even thinking about running a Marathon. 

It is by no means a small feat and takes a huge physical and mental effort. If its your first attempt you are likely to have put a lot of time and effort into it already and no doubt have changed your lifestyle quite dramatically!! If your a seasoned pro then here we go again with the never ending chase for a better time….

With all the effort and time you have put in the last thing anyone wants to happen is for injury to stop you in your tracks or slow down the accumulation of miles…so we at SPACE are here to help.



Our Marathon offer is a special reduced rate of £43 for a 45 minute appointment with our highly experienced physiotherapists. Our in-house team include Kenny Watt (Organising Committee Lead Physiotherapist for Athletics at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games), Fiona Begg (Physio in-residence at Run & Become) and Ross Mayberry (attendee at Functional Biomechanics of Running course). We are on hand to provide assessment, treatment, and advice on performance enhancement and with our links to podiatry and Run & Become we can also point you in the direction of other professionals to get you to the start line and over the finish line.

To book your Marathon Offer appointment simply call the clinic on 0131 313 3999  or use our contact form stating that you wish to take up the offer.

The offer is currently restricted to those entered for THE BIG 5 (London, Chicago, NY, Boston and Berlin) plus out local favorite Edinburgh. All we require is for you to provide evidence of your entry email to your chosen race. The discount price will end once your chosen marathon is completed.

Upon completion (which you will do) of the your race we would also kindly ask that you provide us with a picture of you proudly displaying your medal and a little note of your finish time so that we can then share it on our website and social media celebrating your achievement. Permission forms will be made available.


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